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Digitizing processes is a trend nowadays. Similarly, to digitize the collaboration of people in a project systematically, we need to get to know tools like Git and GitHub. To meet that requirement, Code for Change organized a 5-hour online workshop on the topic 'Git and GitHub.'

Workshop Presentation

Workshop Details:

  • Date: 13th May 2024 (31st Baishakh 2081)
  • Venue/Medium: Google Meet
  • Speaker: Mr. Manish Basnet
  • Organizer: Code for Change Chitwan and Koshi

Speaker Spotlight:

Mr. Manish Basnet (Manish Basnet | LinkedIn), the Koshi Province project lead for Code for Change and founder of Digital Pasala. Mr. Basnet is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Application (BCA) and is a final-year student. He has been engaged in many fields of technology as a developer, mentor, leader, and more.

Workshop Target

Workshop Highlights:

  • The workshop officially started promptly at 6 PM. Mr. Basnet initiated the session with an introduction of himself and a brief outline of Code for Change's vision and the workshop agenda.
  • Proudly, there were nearly 100 aspiring developers in attendance, filling the entire capacity of the Google Meet session.
  • The workshop aimed to teach GitHub from a beginner level to an intermediate level, covering everything from pushing files to GitHub to collaborating on the platform and hosting a static website from GitHub.

Workshop Flow

    Introduction to Git and GitHub (6:30 PM):
    • Teaching how to install Git and connect GitHub to Visual Studio Code.
    Overview of History (6:45 PM):
    • The speaker discussed the history of Git and GitHub, how they evolved, and why they are widely used.
    Command Overview (6:50 PM):
    • The speaker explained different methods to push files from a local computer to GitHub, including using commands and copying the link provided by GitHub.
    Practical Deployment (7:00 PM):
    • The speaker demonstrated how to deploy files, making the process easier to understand.
    Features of GitHub (8:00 PM):
    • The speaker showcased various features of GitHub that facilitate group development, including .gitignore, branches in GitHub, and pull requests.
    Error Reducing (8:30 PM):
    • The speaker dedicated time to address participants' issues and solved problems through personal interaction.
    Break (8:45 PM): Contribution in GitHub (9:15 PM):
    • The speaker discussed how to contribute to GitHub with practical examples, highlighting how contributions help aspiring developers build their brand in the technology market.
    Static Website Hosting on GitHub (10:00 PM):
    • The speaker explained how to host a static website for free on GitHub.
    Closing (10:30 PM):
    • The session concluded with feedback from the speaker and guidance on using GitHub effectively.

The workshop lasted nearly 5 hours, and its objectives were successfully achieved. All participants shared their positive reviews, marking the event as a grand success.

From My Side:

  • I would like to thank Code for Change Chitwan and Koshi for organizing this workshop and engaging aspiring developers with the latest technology like Git and GitHub. Their efforts have provided invaluable knowledge and practical skills that will help developers in their future projects.

Answers to Common Questions about Git And Github

  • GitHub is changing the landscape of technology by automating tasks, enhancing decision-making processes, facilitating collaboration on projects, and improving idea-sharing experiences.
  • Git acts as a medium to connect your computer to the GitHub server.

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