A Recap of Design Language 101-Developers Community Pokhara


In today's technology-driven market, various roles play crucial parts in the journey from idea      to execution. Developers, designers, project managers, and other professionals all bear equal                  responsibility.

     Focusing on the realm of design, the Developers Community Pokhara organized the event              "Design Language 101." This event aimed to equip attendees with fundamental knowledge about         design principles and the basic idea of captivating audiences through effective design strategies.

     Event Details:

  • Topic: Design Language 101.
  • Venue: National Innovation Center, ICT And Electronics Lab, Bagar-1, Sampani, Pokhara.
  • Organizers: Developers Community Pokhara, National Innovation Center, Pokhara Branch
  • Date: 22nd Baishakh 2081 (4th May 2024)

     Event Objective:

    "Design Language 101" focused on understanding the vocabulary of visuals, particularly targeting           aspiring young designers.

   Speaker Spotlight:

   Mr. Sirish Burlakoti, a renowned designer currently working as Design Lead at Aarambha IT       and Research Lab, presented at the event.

    Event Flow:

      A Day of Design Learning and Connection

    The event officially started at midday around 2 PM. Mr. Burlakoti shared his knowledge      and foundational concepts with relevant examples for aspiring designers. He delivered a        brief introduction to design principles and explained how design helps effectively deliver      content or information to the audience. He also taught attendees how to use different              elements like colors, shapes, white space, and lighting in design to grab the target                  audience's attention in an instant.

    Here's a breakdown of the event flow:

  • Speaker Session (1 hour): Key takeaways from Mr. Burlakoti's session on design principles and audience engagement.

  • Q&A Discussion Session (20 minutes): Highlight some interesting questions raised by participants for the speaker: "What motive led you to choose to be a designer?" and "Which are the relevant tools and resources where we can learn design?"

  • Connection Building Session (10 minutes): This session wasn't just about introductions. It was your chance to network with fellow design enthusiasts and the event organizers. Building connections with people in your field can open doors to future opportunities like mentorships, internships, and even jobs.

  • Closing Session (5 minutes):  Mr. Burlakoti concluded the event by expressing his satisfaction with the active participation and its impact on aspiring designers. He then extended an invitation to join the Harmo Design Community, a platform where individuals can showcase their work and receive feedback from experienced designers in Nepal. This final session emphasized both the takeaways from the event and the valuable community resource available to participants.

    All sessions listed above finished by 3:40 PM, followed by a group photo session and       a lunch break.

    Post-Event Activities:

    Celebrating Success and Building Community

     Following the successful event, there was a group photo session.

     Additionally, the Developers Community Pokhara celebrated successfully crossing their      one-year milestone. Their motto is to gather developers in Pokhara into a community and      provide helpful resources for inspiring tech lovers. To celebrate their success and efforts,      the organizers hosted a pizza party. Once again, congratulations and cheers to Developers      Community Pokhara!

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